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Congratulations to Senseis Paul Zegarra & Wade Brathwaite for their promotion to 4th Dan, by SKIF Chief Instructor and one of the world's most renowned and respected traditional karate masters Kanazawa Kancho, 10th Dan. Oss!


Following the tsunami disaster of March 11th of 2011 that devastated the pacific coast of Japan, SKIF affiliates all over the world rushed to collect donations to aid in the relief of the victims. SKIF-USA and Mt Vernon Shotokan Karate-do were part of this effort. Students of our Mt Vernon dojo were especially sensitive to the situation and sent letters of encouragement to youths in the disaster stricken area. Those were delivered with the help of SKIF-Japan and had a profound impact on the lives of those struggling to cope with such disaster. SKIF-Japan Headquarters recognized such effort and has invited the youths of our dojo and other SKIF-USA members to participate in future activities to promote world friendship and encourage the connection of it's members. It is an honour for "Mt Vernon Shotokan" to be recognized in such way. Please see attached letters below.
Thank you

click here to download theSKIF Letter of Acknowledgment

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